Connect to the healer within you and bring the transformative powers of crystals into your professional and personal development.

These courses will help open the doors to transformation and healing no matter where you are in your journey. 

Align with your divine purpose.

Developed by a Professional Healer

Beth Ann Kennedy has over 13 years experience as a professional Crystal Healer, Psychic Medium, and Intuitive Coach. Her practice oversaw the healing of hundreds of clients and the development of educational curriculum.

Designed for Students of All Levels

Whether you are an established practitioner working in the healing arts or you are curious about embarking on a new career path, these courses will give you the foundational knowledge needed to use crystals to heal energy fields for clients and loved ones.

Learn about Crystals and Healing Techniques

Begin developing your understanding of different crystals and minerals. Learn which crystals to use for specific purposes and how to keep them clear and functioning well.

Introduction to Professional Crystal Healing

Introduction to Professional Crystal Healing

Introduction to Professional Crystal Healing

The Introduction to Professional Crystal Healing course provides insight and practical experience for you to develop your skills. Learn the art of using crystals, minerals, and healing tools to work on the energy field of clients and the people in your life. 

Includes a digital PDF Study Guide for download.


Introduction to Professional Crystal Healing Bundle

Introduction to Professional Crystal Healing Bundle

Get the Introduction to Professional Crystal Healing plus a printed Study Guide notebook to help you get the most out of the course! Begin developing your personal Healing resource library by writing down your experiences throughout this course.

Notebook includes extra pages for note-taking. 26 pages in full-color.

$48 (incl. free shipping)

Free Grounding Demo

Grounding a client is an important and often essential part of a healing session and is a fundamental skill in professional crystal healing.

Learn this grounding technique to help improve a client's focus, clarity, and ability to be present in their lives.

Grounding can also give a feeling of relief, relaxation, and in some cases offer insight.

"Beth Ann Kennedy is a profound and knowledgeable teacher. I have learned so much from as a student and as a practitioner"

- Seta T